Why teach?

After observing over the years how a large percentage of Singapore’s children growing up wearing spectacles during their primary school days, I am deeply motivated to share and impart the knowledge of this naturally vision-improving method.

The problem can be exacerbated as parents unknowingly allow their young toddlers playtime fixing their eyes on palm-sized netbooks, tablets and smartphones from a very young age. I recall the struggles I felt when I had to independently learn the correct way of implementing these techniques with no guidance, in order to protect and maintain my eyesight. Likewise, it is also not too late for any adult who would like to have an alternative to better vision without the use of sophisticated surgery or technology. I believe my experiences and extensive training in this field can help anyone achieve a natural better vision and healthier lifestyle.



Loy Chye Bin 黎 才 斌  is a Certified -NVI Bates Method- Principal Instructor/Practitioner.

Member of the Association of Vision Educators, www.naturalvisionteachers.com -[Practitioners/Teachers- Singapore].

People’s Association – Private Operator

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